Direct Homing

Bob has been with me since June 13th. He is now neutered and although he can be a little nervous around strangers, he has become very affectionate. I think he is around 2 years old, he's playful and can be very vocal when wanting your attention. He chirps away when playing and would make a lovely companion for a single person or family with older children.

His relationship with my cat is not good but they do have a history from when Bob was a stray, he used to get in through the cat flap and naturally this did not put him in a good position to be introduced gently to my cat. So in short my cat is scared of him so tends to lash out and Bob responds, however I do feel if Bob was introduced to a new cat carefully and in the right environment he would be able to share a home. I hope this info helps to find him his forever home.

Phone Deborah for more details on 01278 781843 or 07866 974345.