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Volunteer Opportunities

16 September 2018
Volunteer Opportunities We have a number of volunteer roles that need to be filled. We urgently need help in our charity shop and we are also looking for trappers, neutering campaign co-ordinator and helpers, welfare assistants, transport and stray cat scanners.

Shop volunteers :-

Our charity shop in Street urgently requires shop volunteers. The shop is open seven days a week and is a friendly place to work. If you can spare just a few hours every week then please contact Jayne on 01458 443108 or email: street.shopmanager@cats.org.uk. You can find out more and apply online by visiting our volunteering page.

Trappers :-

Feral trapping is an important part of our work to improve the health and well being of feral cats in towns and villages on our patch. It isn't as daunting as it sounds and can be very satisfying. You never have to handle the cat, just the trap containing it, to transport to the vet for neutering. We have a couple of regular trappers who would be delighted to show you the ropes and accompany you in the initial stages. You will need a car that you could fit a trap into, be able to lift a trap, a phone and patience!

Neutering campaign co-ordinator and helpers :-

If you are an organised "office type" of person we need someone to organize our neutering campaigns and also a couple of people to issue neutering vouchers. A phone number, preferably but not necessarily, a landline, and access to the internet. These tasks are not time consuming and can be fitted in with your daily routine. At certain times of the year there is very little to do.

Welfare assistants

Calling all veterinary nurses and people who have been indoctrinated by their own cats on various cat problems. We have a couple of welfare officers who would love to enrol a few more helpers in this field. Experience is good but an interest in learning more about the highs and lows of cat ownership is just as important. Most queries start with a phone call and visits may be necessary, but our current welfare officers would give plenty of advice and would probably accompany you on any visits to start with. I cannot estimate how much time this work would take. Sometimes we have no queries for ages followed by a flood of them. But if we could recruit several people the work load would be lighter.

Transport and stray cat scanners :-

If you have transport, a phone, and a bit of time to spare now and then we always need people to transport cats between fosterers or to pick up for re-homing. The other part of this job is checking stray cats for microchips (but only if they are friendly). Now that so many more cats are chipped the chances of success are much better now than a few years ago and it is a great feeling to reunite a confused stray with a delighted owner.

To find out more call Julia on 01749 677801 or Gill on 01749 850660.