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Support our pledge to Protect Our Pets

20 March 2016
Support our pledge to Protect Our Pets

Cats Protection is backing a campaign that focuses on unifying pet microchip databases across Europe, making it easier to trace owners when their pets go missing.

Eurogroup for Animals launched its Protect Our Pets initiative to challenge the illegal pet trade as well as online sales of animals. As part of the campaign, the aim is to synchronise microchipping databases across the EU, ensuring all pets are properly identified and registered and linked to an owner.

Microchipping is already a big priority for Cats Protection. The European campaign has arrived after the Manifesto for Cats was launched in Westminster in February, a 10-point document that calls for measures to improve feline welfare, including the compulsory microchipping of owned cats in the UK.

Cats Protection’s Chief Executive Peter Hepburn said: “We frequently see cats coming in from other EU countries with microchips which are incredibly difficult to read and interpret. A much clearer, uniformed approach is desperately needed.”

Support the campaign by visiting the Protect Our Pets website and filling in the online form. This will send a letter to a Member of the European Parliament, asking them to support the forthcoming motion to introduce a harmonised system for microchipping across Europe.

If you want to find out more information about the campaign, take a look at the information video online.