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Cats only have one life: help them enjoy it

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Sometimes it’s obvious when your cat is sad or stressed. At other times, it can be difficult to spot.

Don’t worry – Cats Protection is here to help. With our advice, you can create the perfect environment for your feline friend. So get used to your happier, healthier cat, because they are here to stay.

Brian Brian

Brian felt lost and alone – but luckily, we knew exactly what to do. By advising his owner to give him a microchip, we made sure that if he ever got lost again, he could be returned more easily.

Unlike collars, microchips don’t fall off, so they provide a much better chance of finding the right owner.

Collars also carry the risk of life-threatening injuries – whereas microchips are internal and smaller than a grain of rice, so they’re much safer.

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Having too many kittens can cause unnecessary physical and mental stress – something that Lulu knew all too well. But neutering allowed her to breathe easy, and live a happier and healthier life.

Cats can be neutered at four months old, so it’s never too early to look into it. The procedure also reduces the risk of illness, infectious diseases, and anti-social behaviour like yowling and spraying.

So for a happier cat, and a happier home, it might be time to consider neutering. 

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FluffyCats are naturally solitary animals. So even if introducing some friends for your cat seems like a good idea, it might not work out the way you expect.

The other cats in Fluffy’s home were subtly blocking her access to food, water and other things she needed – causing her to feel stressed and anxious.

There are lots of ways to reduce this kind of conflict, and at Cats Protection we’re pretty clued up on them all. Follow the link below and see for yourself. 

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JakeLike many cats in the UK, Jake had a serious tummy ache from eating the wrong food. And to make things worse, his owners had no idea.

Cats need a meat-packed diet that provides all the right healthy goodness, because without it, they can suffer in silence. Their food needs change according to their age and health, which is why there’s a range of specific foods available.

They also prefer to keep their food and water in separate places, and to have fresh water every day.

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If you’ve got any questions about caring for your cat, call us on 03331 223 703.