September 2021: Alaska came into our care with housemate Jasper but it was soon clear it was an unhappy pairing so they were separated and Alaska was adopted on 28/12/21 by Scott. Alaska's deaf and has a quirky character, including being very vocal, due to her deafness most likely, and she had got into a habit of seeing every item in the home as fair game to play with. As she was deaf, Alaska couldn't hear things crashing to the floor, so it was problematic. Things did improve over time and after vaccinations, microchipping and dental surgery, Alaska went home with Scott. 
January 2022: After a week at home with Scott, Alaska was settling well, having fun in cardboard boxes and was only very noisy on the first day. Fast forward 3 weeks and Scott is thrilled with Alaska and how well she's settled. There's no reports of any breakages and Alaska likes to sleep on the bed.