Albi was in care for 6 weeks before he was adopted by Ray & Ali who fell in love with this big ginger boy in August 2013. A strong character, Albi needed experienced and calm cat owners and all is going really well for him and his new family. Ray said "Been a week since Albi joined the family so I thought I'd give you an update on how he's getting on and send you a few pics. He showed how confident he was from day 1 and took us on a grand tour of the house, identifying any possible places for a catnap! Initially, food was at the bottom of his agenda as he got used to he surroundings but he has now settled into a routine and is eating well. He can be a little unpredictable and jumpy and we've had to be wary of his sharp claws and teeth. We are also in the process of teaching him to stop clawing at the furniture but this is something I'm sure we will resolve in time. He really enjoys company and tends to follow one of us around the house to make sure we're still here. The past few days he has started looking through the windows, surveying what will become his territory when he is eventually allowed outside. Overall, things have gone very well and we are loving having him as part of our family. We both have a couple of weeks off work which will help build the bond we are getting with him. I think he may have proven a little too difficult for first time cat owners and still needs a bit more work on socializing but we will give him all the time he needs and give him a loving environment. All bodes well for a happy cat and happy owners:) Will update you in a few weeks when he's made the big step into the outside world"