January 2022: Ragdoll-type charmer Albus arrived at Gosport CP and immediately made himself at home. It was not long before he was adopted by Katie and family the following month.

March 2022: Albus has now settled in with his new family. Katie sends us this message with some photos: "Just a quick message to let you know how Albus is doing. He had his vaccination last Thursday as planned and has been enjoying lots of outdoor time on his harness and lots of snuggles with the children when at home.
Albus has got into a great routine. He follows us around the house -wherever we are, he is! He’s enjoying playing with his many toys and his puzzle feeder but a little silver ball is his favourite and he’ll bring it to you in his mouth, in the morning, to play with him.
Albus loves his cat tree - by the radiator but looking out on to the garden - and  every night he toddles off to bed at the same time as us and sleeps with one of the children, then greets everyone in the morning individually.
We’ve nicknamed him Albie and he seems very content. We’re so happy to have him in our life!"