21/7/20: Formerly called Elf, this lovely 6 year old black and white male came into Gosport CP care because he had not been living with his owners for two years, having been fed by others in the area and not wanting to return home.

Alfie, as he is now known, was adopted by Joan in August but turned out to be a bit of an escape artist, because he managed to run off and lie low for a while. Following a local call to help find him, Alfie was reunited with Joan and is now settling in well.

6/10/20: Here is the latest news from Joan, with some photos: "Alfie is a lovely cat and is settling in very well after running away not long after I adopted him, we go  for walks around the garden several times a day but today he decided to go it alone and frighten the life out of me, so I sat on my bed watching out of the window, after about 20 minutes there he was, so I let him in and he dived under my bed for a while, now he’s sleeping after having a snack."