(another) Daisy

We have some very clever cats who are homed by Cats Protection and Daisy has written to let us know how she's getting on in her new home! Daisy came into CP care on 13/02/11 and was rehomed just a few weeks later and says 

"Dear Cat Protection Lady

I would like to thank you for finding me this great new home. I am very happy here ,sorry I was a long time in telling you how I was but  there has been so much to see and do. In the house there are lots of places where I can sleep. If there is a noise I don't like I shoot upstairs and go under a duvet! Adam, who is Janet's son gets up early (04.15) so when he comes downstairs he gives me a little breakfast, I think it is just to keep me going until I make Janet get up which is very difficult, I do try to get her up by making puddings on her but she only turns over so it is  a long wait!

In the garden I have two cats who come over the fence, one is all black with long fur ( name of Boris) at first I hissed at him but  he just walked by me,  and took no notice. (I think he is laid back) so is okay. Now the other one is pale grey and a siamese called Dog, funny name for a cat but in his home he takes things around in his mouth. He just sits and looks at me and I look at him so things are ok.

Janet and Adam have been playing with me with small coloured balls they roll up and down the lounge and I run after them, then I hide behind the chairs when they go into the dinning room. The floor is all slippery so the balls keep rolling and its great fun.
In the lounge and in a room with a lot of grass (con something!) there are posts where I can scratch and above the post are places for me to sit and watch the birds."

Great to hear everything in the garden's rosy for Daisy and to see her taking a rest from her correspondence!