Archie came into CP care in July 2018 underweight, suffering from anaemia and had a sore and infected mouth. It was clear that Archie had serious health problems as his mouth and chin area were permanently wet. Though already neutered Archie’s health problems were too extensive and expensive for his owners to cover. The first treatment to dispense with the fleas immediately made this brave boy feel better, revealing his affectionate nature and playful side. Unfortunately his teeth were too damaged to be saved and Archie’s dental surgery took 3 hours leaving him with only two teeth. Archie’s history and his personality made him a favourite with all the staff at the vets.  

It was very emotional seeing this downtrodden cat change into a confident, healthy and loving boy. He needed to be an only pet in a quiet home where he could enjoy lots of affection and this suited new owner Jillian down to the ground. Within a few hours of arriving in his new home in September, Jillian sent this photo of a relaxed Archie looking very much at home. She said that Archie was settling well, had eaten and was purring away, although he wasn’t so sure of the water fountain!


October 2018 - Jillian's daughter said Archie wakes mum every morning by giving her a wash, (usually starts from about 6am. He likes to play and dive in her clothes while she’s trying to get dressed, or undressed at night, well as for making the bed!!! His favourite bed is a cushion on her wheelchair and he’ll chase anything that moves. Mum's convinced he’s not 11 by the way he tears around but then all of a sudden he’ll just flop. He likes to explore the garden and the surrounding gardens, chasing leaves and diving in and out of the bushes and shrubs.