Artemis (was Dinky)

Feb 2020: Rinky Munchkin female Dinky is a 3 year old who came into CP care as a very timid, scared cat. She did not like dogs but had been left alone with them for 6 hours a day. Her owners realised that this could not continue, so got in touch with us to find new owners.

Oct 2020: Dinky's new owner Eleanor has renamed her Artemis, after the Greek goddess, and sent us this message with photos:-

Though she has settled in well, the past seven months haven't always been easy but every day we take steps forward.

Artemis generally likes to keep her distance - except when I'm on conference calls with work or she decides it may be breakfast/dinner time. She does enjoy playtime however and allows tickles behind the ear or under the chin, if we're lucky! Occasionally she settles on the sofa or bed with us, until she realises that she's starting to snuggle in and then she retreats to her look out point. She has gained the nickname 'Niblet' as she likes to nibble and chew on anything - toys, pens, cables, bags, feet, hands, arms, handles.

There have been times when we've felt like we're not making any progress and even rare, darker moments where - after a difficult day - I'm ashamed to confess we have briefly questioned the future or considered admitting defeat. But then we look at her - her little face - and we know we never could. We love her too much and the little victories - a faint purr, an occasional headbutt, a happy chirp at meal times...these moments are all the sweeter and make the hard work feel worth it. There is no greater reward.

Artemis is not as skittish as she was. She's got a huge personality. She's inquisitive, she's stubborn, she's fiesty, she's independent, she's grumpy, she's adorable, she's clever and she's clumsy. She's family. Our little 'Niblet'. We continue to be patient, hoping in time she'll feel more confident in our affection and will one day love us as much as we do her. I guess what we're trying to say is that pet adoption isn't always easy and it isn't always smooth sailing, but it is always 100% worthwhile.

Artemis now has her own instagram account (@pawful.of.trouble), sharing her cuteness with the world.