18/03/18, latest update on Barney from Malcolm & Liz

"We delayed letting him out for about a week due to the last cold spell for the fear that he might wander off and get lost.  His re-introduction to the outside world occurred a fortnight ago.  Liz and I were on tenterhooks that he wouldn't come back.  When after a few hours there was no sign of him, we started to search the neighbourhood without success.  By mid-afternoon we were both becoming increasingly worried and I went upstairs to find your phone number, wondering whether he had tried to return to his old home and to go and look there.  As I reached the top of the stairs, there was Barney.  He had obviously returned some time earlier and gone to sleep in one of his favourite places!

Our life has settled into a regular daily routine; Liz gets woken up at about 4-5 a.m. (fortunately I'm a heavy sleeper so I don't get interrupted for the first pamper session of the day!); at 7 a.m. its my time to be woken and told it's time for his breakfast, which Barney likes to help prepare!  He then goes out for about half an hour but soon returns and joins us on the bed until it's time to get up.  He might go back out briefly but most of the day he takes up his position indoors - during the morning with the sun streaming in the front of the house it's behind my computer then in the afternoon and the sun at the rear, it's Liz's computer chair in the back bedroom.  He starts worrying for his tea at about 3p.m. but gets told he can wait until at least 4p.m.  He may go out briefly again after tea, but he's normally back indoors by the time we settle down to watch TV and he takes up residence on the sofa next to Liz (see photo).

Barney has sort of made friends with our daughter's cat from next door.  We returned home the other day to find Barney resting on the sofa and Chloe coming to greet us.  She had obviously come in via the open cat flaps.  Also the black & white cat from three door along (almost Barney's double) has ventured in the house to pay a visit on his new chum.

... Barney has found his "forever home"... and has already found his own spot in our hearts and we hope we have many years together."


Just look at the handsome Barney who's clearly very much at home, and looks in charge dare we say! in his home with 
Malcolm & Liz. Coming into CP care in January 2018 from a multi cat household Barney (who was called Shadow) didn't share a bond with his housemates and was adopted as a single cat later in January after a vet health check, microchipping and first vaccination. 

In February 2018 Malcolm & Liz have let us know how Barney is settling in and that he's a cat with a high IQ! "As you will see from the photograph, one of the places he has taken to resting is on the bed.  He's spending far less time on top of the microwave, his original bed(!), but he now likes to spend the day behind my computer looking out the window.  The other day while I was typing something on the computer, he decided to walk around to see what I was doing and promptly stepped across the keyboard producing a long line of "cvcvcv"'s followed by an "x".  One clever cat we have!

As you can see, Barney has come out of his shell and is very affectionate.  He enjoys playing with his many toys.  He has a good appetite and insists on helping when we prepare his food.  He had his final jab on Monday 
Barney hasn't yet worried to go outside, but we are looking towards taking that step at the weekend, assuming the weather is fine.  We've noticed that our daughter's cat, Chloe from next door and another of Alfie's old friends from three doors up have been spending quite a bit of time in our garden and Chloe has tried to get into our house on several occasions, so it looks as if news of the "new kid on the block" has reached the cat world."