Beautiful Bella has spent months with Gosport CP, recovering from skin problems and, with loving care and attention from fosterer Kate has recovered and been adopted by Paula, Rupert, Max and Freja.

Very soon afterwards, Paula sends this message with a few photos: "Bella is settling into her new home really well. We gave her a bit of space when she got here and she spent a bit of time exploring, then ate some food. She's been enjoying lots of attention and has been making herself at home on the sofa. Bella is lovely and affectionate and clearly a character!"

Update (with 2 more photos): 13 March 2020 - Paula tells us that Bella has made herself at home and seems to have found her favourite places - on the window sill watching life in the back garden, and on the armchair. She has also discovered string! When Paula and Rupert work from home, Bella likes to spend all day next to them, sometimes helping by sitting on their keyboards... Max and Freja really enjoy looking after her, giving her a good brush (which she loves) and helping to feed her and give her her medicine. Paula finishes by saying "Bella is such a lovely cat and we are so happy that she has become part of our family". See the photos below the previous ones to see just how well she has settled in.

4/5/20: Here's an update from Paula, with some photos:"Bella is still doing so well - her coat is still so lovely and we're continuing to give her the medication to make sure she stays well.  Bella now goes outside - she has free roam of the garden and sometimes wanders a bit further - she was out for a few hours the other day which gave us a bit of a scare but she came back and hasn't wandered too far since! She likes to sit on the fence, shed, woodshed and the neighbours conservatory so she can get a good view of everything! She's really settled into family life - it must have been strange for her to have us all around when lockdown started - but she has her own routine: breakfast, little wander round the garden, sleep for rest of the morning, lunch, sitting next to me (or on my laptop or notes!) while I work in the afternoon and then in the evenings she chooses a lap to curl up on! She has found her favourite places around the home (usually under or on a bed!) and she is really a part of the family now. She's providing us all with comfort during this time - especially Max and Freyja as it's been unsettling for them - and it's such a pleasure to see that she's happy and comfortable with us."