Beryl & Boomer

17/9/20: Beryl & Boomer, two unneutered siblings, were collected by Gosport CP in July as the owner couldn't afford to look after them. They had the necessary vet treatment and were quiet in the pen, model residents, but on adoption on 5th August they became absolute terrors and were returned on the 10th. They were then adopted by Matt, but not before it was stressed how hectic they'd been in the last home - complete tearaways who left a trail of broken ornaments in their wake! 
Matt felt he was up for the task and has sent these wonderful pictures earlier this week. Bev did a video follow up call and saw the cats relaxing in the lounge looking very much at home. Bev said they're still full of beans and have no respect for Matt when he's working (from home) but he works around that and loves their lively characters. He's pleased they're not scratchers and the sofa remains intact! They're eating well (love ham!) and are getting ready to explore outside.