Betsy & Steve

Betsy & Steve came into Cats Protection care at different times in 2013 but have proved to be the perfect match. Their owner, Laura, says "I had my visit from Paula on Sunday, she called in to see how Betsy and 
Steve(Percy) are getting on.
You may recall that I got Betsy from you first, that was back in September. She had just had kittens (The Wimbledon babies). She soon settled into ours, 
she was a real live wire at first, she got stuck in the chimney and covered my dining room in soot! Two weeks later we got a kitten calked Percy renamed 
Steve, from Cats protection too he had a little hernia and was a real mummy's boy, he was so timid when we got him but he has now come out of his shell and is a real character. As soon as we introduced Betsy and Steve to each other, it was love at first sight. She took him under her wing and mothered him. She calmed right down and would not leave his side. He is the 
same with her, they play, sleep, eat and wash together. It is such a lovely sight to see them together. We are so very lucky to have them both, they are 
so loved and treasured by us. When Paula came she saw them together and was so touched by them together. She asked me to send a photo to you so you could see what they are like. They are totally gorgeous together. The perfect companions x"