Billy & Bobby

Billy & Bobby came into our care as young kittens
with their Mum and siblings. They were homed in October 
2013 and their new owner, Bev said "I thought you might want to see how the boys are progressing. Pictures show them being angelic and not!!  They have settled well with the dogs and re-arranged the household. We're off to vets this Thursday in Stubbington for their jabs and I'll ask about neutering as my vet will only do it at 6 months. They have been a total joy!"

We enjoyed the latest update from Bev in December, here goes, "I thought you might like an update on the terrible twosome! They are growing like bamboo and are into everything. Billy, in particular, is very adventurous, fears nothing and has an immense amount of energy. Yesterday's prank was to complete a tight rope walk along the the curtain pelmet, followed by an impersonation of a flying squirrel (he launched himself off into fresh air, with the settee acting as the landing pad) Bobby is far more serene and ell behaved. However, he is quite capable to standing up to his brother and giving him a good kicking when necessary! Both have bonded well with the dogs which was my dearest wish, so I am over the moon. My vet will neuter them at 5 months so I will book them in for the end of January. In the meanwhile we are contemplating whether buying a Christmas tree is a sensible thing to do! We suspect not, but also believe it will give the entire family hours of fun (and mess!) I'll send you the pictures!"  
Merry Christmas from Billy and Bobby. (2013)
As you can see, they are getting on well with the dogs. 
So well in fact, that they have completed their first joint, allied 
forces mission! The cats managed to get the Dreamies out of the cupboard, the dogs opened
them and then they all tucked in! The turkey was also on the receiving end of an attack and I've
given up with the Christmas cards. However, the tree has only been down twice, though lacks decorations on the lower branches.
Have enclosed a picture of them all trying to look innocent! Please note their size.....I'm sure they grow an inch per day.Hope you
had a good break and all the best for the New Year.Best wishes, Bev x  
It was an important day for Billy and Bobby on 03/02/14 as Bev tells
us "Billy and Bobby have just returned from the vets having had their
plums removed! I have popped the paperwork in the post for you.
Anyone who says neutering calms them down has not met my two! Having
eaten TWO dinners, they have gone on to smash their cat carrier, all
within the first hour home. This could possibly be a move to ensure 
there are no more visits to the vets! She commented that they were 
extremely fit and developing very well; a polite way of saying they
are big lads with attitude! How are their sisters getting on? Have 
enclosed a lovely picture of Bobby, posing. An excellent advert for 
black (and white) cats. All pictures of Billy are blurred as he doesn't sit still long 
enough!Must go as I can hear trying to get into the dog food!"