Beautiful Blu (was Nibbles) was in CP care such a short time in March 2019 as it seemed everyone wanted to adopt him. He has joined his lovely new home with Emma, Matt and family who say "Blu is now settling in really well, and we all adore him already, he has filled our home with happiness. He is such a loving,giving boy. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt him."

We're so glad that you're all so happy. Blu looks so content 😻



Another update on 23/04/19 and Blu is clearly adored and very happy. 
Owner Emm says: 'just thought I'd give you all an update on Blu (fka nibbles). Well it's almost 6 wks since we adopted Blu, he is literally a ray of sunshine, he gives love out to everyone, loves a good tummy stroke, loves all the attention he can get,and loves food! He has taken up residency between my husband and I during dinner! He truly is the most gorgeous boy I have ever known! Thank you again for allowing us to adopt him❤️'.