18 month old Bruce came into CP care in January 2019 having had a leg amputated and then needed dental surgery for a broken tooth. Fosterer Paula helped the lovely Bruce recover and he was soon bounding about his foster pen. 

Adopted in February, Bruce is even happier being in his new home with Amy, Scott, George & Phoebe. Here's playtime for Bruce at home with his family.  

Bruce playing

A lovely update on 10/07/19 on beautiful Bruce - 

Bruce has been with us since February and has well and truly become part of the family. Only having three legs is not holding him back at all.
He likes to spend time in the garden and occasionally ventures further afield but never out of earshot. He loves to spend time hiding in the raspberry bushes and hanging out with our neighbours cat in the sunshine. He also likes to play fetch with sticks he brings in!
He adores the children, he can still be a little nervous when new adults are around but is always straight out to give a head rub to any new children that visit. He has some favourite spots around the house, especially at story time and bedtime. He isn't a lap cat but wherever we are in the house he will always be with us just to keep us company.
We are so grateful for Bruce, we couldn't have asked for a better family cat.
Thanks again the Griffiths family

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