Bruce came into our care in January 2019 having used up two of his 9 lives. He had his hip repaired after a road accident in November 2018 but then fell off the kitchen work surface at home seriously injuring his leg. Being unable to afford the vet fees for the necessary leg amputation, the owner signed 18 month old Bruce over to Alver vets and in turn was signed into CP care with the charity paying the surgery costs. Paula cared for this beautiful boy helping him recover though further surgery was needed for a broken tooth. Bruce was soon bounding about his foster pen and adopted in February 2019 by Amy, Scott and excited children George & Phoebe. He was born around July 2017 so is a youngster still.
18/8/20: Amy reports: "as it is black cat appreciation day I just thought I would message to let you know that Bruce is doing very well. He has loved lockdown, having the children home all day has been a dream come true for him. He follows them around all day and he has even been helping with their learning (pictures attached!). You will be pleased to hear he has become much more confident with visitors and has made friends with our neighbours cat. He is such a good natured boy and we feel very lucky to have him. Keep up all the good work, the Griffiths family.