Charlie & Lottie

Charlie & Lottie were part of a young litter of kittens found abandoned in a garden in Gosport. Just a few days after adopting these beautiful kittens in September 2012 new owner Karen says "Thought I would let you know how Charlie and Lottie have settled.  Charlie jumped straight out of the basket and started to explore everywhere-very nosey!  Lottie happy to stay in basket very content had little snooze.  She ventured out cautiously after 15 mins but stayed under magazine rack.  Charlie ate after 15 mins but she did not eat till 9pm.
After a while both exploring and sniffing everywhere and became more brave.  We blocked off stairs but they both managed to get up there!  Ran around like mad things in evening then settled and had good night no disturbances.  Checked twice in night both very cosy on sofa.
I got up at 6.30 this morning they then ran around playing and attacking each other and their toys until 9am then both fell asleep for hours.  Bless them.  can't believe how settled they are already and have claimed this house as their own!!
Lottie was very affectionate last night laying all over me and wanting lots of fuss.  which I thought was good.  Charlie not bothered but today is wanting to be stroked and coming to us.
Both using litter tray well and eating loads.  Lottie eating well now.  Everyone fallen in love with them.  Think they will be very spoilt (already are!)
hard to get good photos as they never kept still enough.  Both now fast asleep again.
Will keep in touch.  Thankyou for our lovely affectionate cats, already part of the family!" 
Lottie is the black kitten and Charlie is the fluffy tabby