Chas (was Chase)

May 2021: Four year old Chase came into Gosport CP care and tested positive for FIV+, but was still adopted as an indoor cat after 42 days.

June 2021: He has now been renamed Chas. H
ere's what adopters Sarah and Ryan have to say:
"Just wanted to let you know Chas is settling in really well! Can’t believe it’s been a week already!!
He is a real snuggle bunny which has been a fantastic surprise! He goes from lap to lap throughout the day and now sleeps on our bed with us at night! 
We absolutely love him to bits and here’s a couple of pictures of him relaxing" 🐈‍β¬›πŸ˜»πŸΎ

August 2021: Here is another message from Sarah and Ryan: "
Chas is doing so well. His fur has grown back in now and he has gained a good amount of weight now! He’s enjoying cuddles and now loves being picked up for a snuggle too! He has definitely found his voice and has competed our little family perfectly! Thank you for allowing us to be his parents and giving us the chance to give him all the love we all needed πŸ˜ Photos attached:-

January 2021: Sarah and Ryan have provided a lovely update on Chas: "
We wanted to update you on how the gorgeous Chas is doing since he has become part of our family. 
He is such a happy boy, who loves to play with his abundance of toys. He has a very big appetite for food and giving us love and is now semi long haired. He wants to be picked up for snuggles and sleeps on our bed with us most nights. He is loving his catio for bird watching πŸ˜»πŸ•ŠIn the last couple of weeks he has started wanting lap cuddles too so just keeps surprising us πŸ’•πŸΎ
Thank you again for letting us adopt this beautiful soul."

Here are some new photos for you to enjoy:-