Chilled out Chico! After just a day in her new home (from 12/02/13), former stray Chico is very relaxed and new owner Steph says of lovely Chico "Just thought I'd send you a quick email to let you know that Chico settled in really well last night. She turned her nose up at the Felix food but I knew it was her being fussy rather than stressed as she didn't turn her nose up at a piece of ham! Got her some purina today, she seems happy with that. 

Left her today to go to work and she was the perfect cat! No surprise parcels around the house, litter tray only! I couldn't have asked for an easier transition. I know it's early days yet but it's a very positive start.

She's enjoying playing with Tom, he's suffered a few scratches already! He will learn the hard way that a cat can react and respond much quicker than him! Haha.

I keep watching her rolling on her back, looking as cute as she possibly could. If she could talk I know she would be saying 'come on, bet you can't give my belly a stoke before I grab your arm with all my feet!' 

I'm no expert, but she certainly seems content"

We've got to agree Steph, and great to hear how well things are going.