Clive is a gorgeous ginger boy who arrived in CP care as a tatty bruiser of a stray in April 2015. Initially he was a frightened cat who took some time adjusting to being in a foster pen and then being neutered and after that dental surgery. Clive did relax though and was visited by his new family Jenny, Steve and their children every week until he was well enough to be adopted at the end of May. These visits really helped Clive and he seemed to bond with the children especially.

And just look at Clive now! Jenny tells us (on 24/06/15) "Clive has settled in fantastically, from the moment he stepped out of his cat box he made himself at home. He instantly relaxed and has been the same since. He has his little spot on a blanket at the end of our bed and he spends every evening there and even takes himself up to bed at around 8pm -ish. He is a little character and has us in stitches most of the time, he is so chilled out and very content and loves cuddles and very much loves company. He follows us around the house and is just content being around us. He loves to go out and play in the garden or explore the nature reserve at the bottom of the garden (although we have blocked his little hole into the reserve at the moment as he comes back with several ticks that we have to try and remove for him).  He's made friends with a little black & white cat and they're sometimes seen sitting with each other and chatting to the birds in the garden. 
He really is a loving cat and is so patient and so good. we couldn't ask for anything more. What a success!"