10/6/20: Daisy is a lovely ginger girl who gave birth to Toby on 8th January in difficult circumstances - her owner was being evicted that day and was unaware that  Daisy was pregnant. She had nowhere to take the cats so Gosport CP stepped in at very short notice to take them in. They have been looked after since then but, when Daisy had weaned Toby and was beginning to get a bit tired of having a lively kitten in the pen, it was decided to put him up for adoption. He was a bit of a social media star by then, so was quickly adopted on 13th March.

Meanwhile, Daisy stayed with Gosport CP and got caught up with the COVID-19 lockdown, so could not be adopted due to health restrictions. Thankfully, she has today been transported by Haslemere Adoption Centre to her lovely new home with Lisa, who has sent these photos of Daisy settling in.


24/06/20: Lisa has sent us an update:
"Daisy is doing great, we are so pleased. She's eating fine, though not so keen on fish flavour food. 
She's interacting with us well, sits on laps, and slept on the foot of the bed last night. We're getting into a nice routine, and before bed each night Steve is getting her to play which is lovely! Two nights ago she was really active, even stretching up and jumping up to toys. We haven't broached outdoors yet, maybe in a week's time we think, just to ensure she's fully at home first."
Here are a couple of new photos of Daisy:-

Lisa says:
I thought you'd like to see Daisy enjoying this sunny day. She is so settled with us now and is really happy. She's a lovely companion. Thanks so much for all the excellent work you put in with her, we really appreciate it.

Stephen and Lisa xx