Darcey & Mable

Darcey & Mable came into the care of Gosport Cats 
Protection together and having had the routine CP treatment 
as well as dental surgery they were happily rehomed together in March 2013. Their new family are pleased how the two girls have settled in and that they (the cats) have formed a bond with their children. 

New owner Emma updated us in April "Just to say that Darcey and Mable have totally settled in now...and are firmly rooted in our family now. 
I have included some piccies for you too look at...however Darcey is the boss cat, she meets and greets all visitors.  In the day she sleeps on my son Jack’s bed and then in the evening sits on my lap.  If the kids are home, then she’ll be around them as well.  Mable sleeps under our sofa and when she hears us come home or the children (especially Jack whom they have a special bond) she comes out for a fuss.  She is no longer nervous (she even greets visitors) and seems to be very happy.
Note – Darcey’s tummy is due not to lack of exercise but because she is a greedy cat...she sits beneath our 1 year old as she eats and is round your legs when the fridge opens Smile she just enjoys her food!  Note the picture sat with our daughter at the table Smile "