Dickie Dexter

Dickie Dexter (formerly known as Dick) came with his two siblings Tom and Harriet last year (2019) as adorable kittens. After just a few weeks with foster carers Sue and David, they were all adopted singly. Dickie started off as the smaller and more hesitant of the three but, with some extra care and attention, quickly caught up with the other two in terms of weight and energy! He clearly needed his own space, however, so we were very pleased when he was chosen for adoption by Christine and Simon, whose home has plenty of room for Dicky to thrive.

We have just received news (and photos) of how Dickie is getting on. He has settled in very well and is apparently ruling the roost! He is simply adored by Christine and Simon, as well as the girl next door, who comes in regularly to play with him. He is an extremely happy boy, as the photos show.