Dolly, Hugo & George

Dolly, Hugo & George came into care in October 2017 along with their friend James (who was adopted separately). Their owner was distressed at having to let her 4 cats go due to a change in circumstances and was keen that Dolly & Hugo stay together as they are a bonded pair. Tabbies Dolly & Hugo snuggled up and groomed each other so they absolutely had to stay together. George got on well with the other cats too. 

Exactly a fortnight in care and Dolly, Hugo & George were adopted by Layla and family. James was already reserved for another family and Layla had planned to adopt the tabby pair only but George looked so appealing and hearing that he'd be left on his own in foster care was too sad! So a trio went home together.   

Two weeks in their new home and Layla says "They are so sweet. A few nervous days but they seem to be finding their feet nicely. They are really great with the kids too. We all love them so much already." Dolly & Hugo continue to be a close pair while George is posing and looking one chilled out cat!