Emmie arrived in CP care in December 2017 with her sister Isla but the two didn't share a bond and it was felt that each would be happier on their own. Emmie's 5 years old and needed to be spayed before joining her new home with Cecilia, Charlie & Gilly in January 2018, a few days after Isla was adopted. 

A week in her new home and Cecilia said "Emmie is fine, still a little nervous but getting better." Emmie had been hiding under the sofa but now spending more time with her doting family, especially if there's Dreamies around! As well as her cosy bed Emmie has taken to Charlie's chair and it just wouldn't be right to move her! 



We received this lovely update from Gilly in July 2018 and it's great to see how happy Emmie and her family are. It's great to hear too that adopting Emmie through Gosport CP was a positive experience for them all. Gilly says "
Emmie came into our lives in January 2018 and has settled in well. She is a friendly playful cat that loves to play with cat nip toys and her favourite treats are Dreamies. 
Emmie  enjoys exploring  the  garden, sniffing the plants/flowers and playing with her cat grass.  She has stolen dad's chair and gets annoyed if he sits on it. It's like a game they play together. 
Cats Protection is a great place to re home a cat and give it a loving  home. We found the Gosport branch very helpful and  would recommend it to anyone in the local area who is looking for a cat."