Felix, international jetsetter!

It was lovely surprise to hear from Penny who lives in
 France and adopted Felix many years ago in the early 
days of Gosport Cats Protection. Felix is a girl(!) who was already named when Penny adopted her. The young cat had been brought to Cats Protection in a black bin liner, her owners being unable to cope with a cat. Felix certainly landed on her paws with Penny and found her sea legs too. Penny told us in December 2013 "I have often thought that I should get in touch with you to update you about my cat, Felix, whom I adopted from the Gosport Cats Protection about 22 years ago when she was about I year old. She was known by you as the cat with the loud miaow.
She is still with me, having moved with me to France 9 years ago, at that time the vet said that she was an elderly cat!!
She has accompanied me and my daughter and our sadly deceased poodle, on two trips to Sicily, where we have a small house. She coped with the long car journeys, and particularly enjoyed the 24 hour ferry crossings looking out of the porthole at the passing waves. Fortunately the Italian cruise ships have animal friendly cabins, so both animals were always with us.
She has recently moved with me into the house of a friend who also has a cat. I was worried as she has always been an "only " cat, but needless to say she has coped. She is now sitting beside me as I type this and I hope that she will be with me for many more years. She is a true friend."

The picture  was taken in 2010 on Penny & Felix's trip to Sicily. Penny says "I always tell people that she is a Cats Protection Cat, and think that your work is invaluable. I have been involved with the Phoenix Society in France which helps abandoned animals, and our poodle was a rescue dog. Sadly he died a year ago." 

We send Penny and Felix our very best wishes.