Coming into CP care on New Years Day 2017 it was just under a month before Felix went to his wonderful new home with Maureen. This cheeky little cat is a real character and made his presence known immediately as Maureen says "We had a noisy journey home🙀but freedom cured all that, for the first hour he ran and played like a looney. Since then he has remained upstairs under my bed throw. I think he feels safe there.two friends have visited him and he greeted them quite happily. 
We have just had a GOOD game,I'm not sure who's more exhausted. So far he has only eaten one of the chew sticks, I'm sure he will start eating tomorrow."


Just a few days in his new home it seems Felix is having a whale of a time as Maureen's update tells "Felix is a little charmer and I love ❤️ him to bits. He is so friendly with my friends who visit us. First morning on top of wardrobe,then balancing on top bedroom door .tonight on top of drinks cabinet! I'm going to bed exhausted after all the play.The 🎣 rod and laser light are his best toys. eats like a horse 🐴. sleeps in his chair during the day and on my bed sometime during the night." Felix is a sociable boy who is loving all the attention, happy cat and happy owner! 

Felix looks so comfy and relaxed he looks as if he's always been at home with Maureen who says "Felix and I have been together just over a week,no arguments or breakages😻as yet. 
He has settled in so well and is so loving. His eating habits are beginning to slow down a little. 
Today he has used his climbing frame for the first time and realising it's a good place to 😴 during the day." What a great team and everyone at CP is so pleased to see a happy cat and know there's a happy owner too.

felixathomegosport   felixathomegosport