Freddie & Joban

New owner Kimberley has sent us this lovely update on 05/07/19 on how Freddie and Joban are getting on in their new home:

Freddie & Joban are settling in well.

They were very cuddly and surprisingly relaxed on the first night and tucked into their dinner well. Joban is super affectionate and will let all of us (including Nala!) give him a fuss. When he hears a voice he comes running. 
He was a bit more nervous about exploring though.

Freddie has been very confident in exploring but during the daytime he tends to keep himself to himself, coming to see us downstairs when it’s a bit darker later on. They have both spent a lot of their time in our bedroom as it’s the coolest darkest room in the house. Joban likes to sleep on the bed and Freddie did one morning too but prefers to sleep under it at the moment.

As the days go on they are getting braver and coming downstairs more and more for a cuddle. 4 o clock in the morning seems to be their most active time when they love running all around the house 😂

They are such lovely boys!

It's great to hear this delightful pair are settling so well in their new home 😻

Lots of lovely photo's - just click the link

Another lovely update on 10/08/19 - the boys are doing well and Kimberley says: Freddie had his follow up appointment a few weeks back with the vet and they said they were happy with how he has healed and that he doesn’t need to be seen again until they both have their checkup in December. 


They’ve both really settled in well and can often be found sleeping on the sofa. Freddie still tends to stay out of Nala’s way but Joban is not bothered by her. They both follow me around the house when she’s not there.


They really enjoyed being let outside and have both got the hang of the cat flap now (it took Joban a little while!) There is a green area to the back of the house where they like to go and they’re still sorting out territory at the front of the house with a local cat Sirus. I think Sirus is ‘top cat’ and they seem to defer to him but he came through the cat flap this week (it hasn’t happened before and I doubt it’ll happen again now!) and both cats  stuck up for themselves and saw him off which was good as they are quite nervous around him usually. I guess they were not going to be bossed around in their own home! 


They’ve grown in confidence such a lot and even stayed downstairs in the kitchen when we had lots of people over recently which surprised me as I thought they’d sneak off upstairs but they seemed to enjoy the attention. 


They’re very good boys and they don’t come to wake us up in the night for food like our other cat did...Just wanted to let you know that they’re happy and well. We love them very much.