Freya & Kara


25/08/19: Freya & Kara were shy, timid cats when they were in CP care in July 2019, (and called Dora & Sigourney then) but they are flourishing with Ben and his partner who adopted them in August 2019. Ben says They're both settling in extremely well. They both still jump and hide at loud noises or if you move too quickly but they come right back out for pets and they're still really active at night, running around the house making lots of noise with all their new toys. 
Freya always looks concerned but she's really affectionate now and will come up purring and roll around. Kara is bit shy still but happily sits around for pets when she wants and always comes down to see what we're eating, even when we've had guests over. 

How wonderful to know that this timid duo have landed on their paws and gaining in confidence.