ginger George

Ginger & white George was a frightened boy coming into CP care in April 2019. He wasn't neutered or microchipped so  needed treatment at the vets once he’d settled with his fosterer. George did come out of his shell helpfully aided by treats and play and his adorable personality shone through. Adopted after only a fortnight in care by Joe and Ellen they say he's really settled in and loves life.    

There's something extra special about a timid cat finding a family where he can show his true character.
ginger George gosport

On a post adoption visit on 06/07/19 by CP volunteers it was clear that George is loving his new life. He's happy and very affectionate with his owners, still shy of visitors but is exploring the outside world.


December 2019: Although remaining shy with strangers. Joe has sent an update  along with some beautiful photos - just click the link.

"George loves all the attention now and will actually go and say hello to family and friends. It's taken him a while but I think he finally understands that people only want to love him 😊"

Joe and Ellen, thank you for adopting George from Gosport Cats Protection and for rebuilding George's trust in people.