Cheeky Milo (was Buddy) came into care in October 2018 as he found it difficult being part of a multi cat / pet home and kept taking himself off elsewhere. Affectionate lap cat Milo was adopted less than a fortnight in care and went home with Alison, Chris and Sophie on Bonfire Night.

22/11/18 and Alison says "He was initially very nervous and hid from us under furniture, only coming out if he thought we weren’t looking. However in the last few days there has been a big change. He has started to sit with us on the sofa and is happy to give us cuddles. He even greets us with little chirrups and meows. 
He’s eating us out of house and home and has Sophie wrapped around his paw, he sleeps in her room. Milo has quickly become part of the family.
He shows no interest in going out which is good as we have decided to keep him in for as long as possible, so he is truly settled before letting him out. 
Milo has been back to Alver vets and had his last injection. He didn’t like going in the cat basket, and gave us the silent treatment for a bit when he got home.
Thank you so much for letting us adopt him we all love him." 

MiloGosport success