Jack & Georgie

Jack Jack & Georgie came into care together, just devoted to each other. They spent some months in our care and are now very happy with their new family, here's their heartwarming story.
"I wanted to update you on the 1st anniversary of adopting my two delightful boys on 30th Oct 2011. On getting them home Georgie (renamed as he looked like he could kiss the girls and make them cry) was climbing on everything, investigating his new home with confidence mixed with a little bit of cheekiness.
Jack on the other hand hid under the curtain at the back of the room for about two weeks, too scared/shy to come out.
Gentle coaxing, talking to him in a gentle voice and establishing his overwhelming love for Dreamies, he started to poke his head out from underneath the curtain and join in with us.
They are both noisy, playful and gorgeous, and make our house a home.
They love it when I am out in the garden, and play with the plants when I am trying to get them into the baskets in spring time, lazing in the afternoon sun in the summer. Now curled up on their "blanky" on the end of my bed they are happy, well fed and warm and cosy. 
Jack's injuries sustained when fighting cars in roads has now been assessed as "no problem" with their new vet, and they have loads of toys to play with, and two warm laps to choose from each evening.
Thank you so much Cats Protection Gosport for finding my two boys and sending them to me to care for, I can't tell you how deeply I love them both after losing my fluffy tabby girl after 20 years of being together. These two have been a real tonic and mended my heart."