Jade spent some months in CP care having arrived as a stray in January 2011 and with her lovely long fur all matted. She could be a bit of a little madam(!) but went to her new home at the end of April with Donna and Tim in Petersfield and with lots of patience and love on their part is settling well. 

On 16/05/11 Donna tells us their story, "
We got Jade on Easter Sunday 2011. When she arrived she explored the house, sniffing and checking out everything, and then crawled under our bed and stayed there for 10 hours. I took her up some food and water and left her to it, just checking on and talking quietly to her every hour or so. That night she came downstairs to see us and played for a while. She was quite nervous so we were surprised that when we got into bed, she jumped in with us!

These past three weeks we have slowly been gaining her trust. She spends most of the day under the bed, but comes down in the evenings to play. She is quite active in the early mornings too. If she catches me sneaking to the loo in the early hours, I have to get her food and play with her for a bit. Her favourite games at the moment is hiding behind the patio door curtains, and launching herself out of them onto the ball on the end of a string, which I have to swing in front of them. The other is trying to grab our fingers behind the banisters on the stairs, which is fine till she gets a bit over excited and the claws come out! Once she digs into her breakfast I sneak off back to bed. She’s good at getting us up in the mornings. If we don’t get up when our alarm goes off and press snooze, within seconds she jumps from the end of the bed where she sleeps, onto one of us demanding attention.

To start with she was very skittish, jumping at every little noise, but now she’s a lot more confident. As she started taking interest in the garden though the patio doors, I let her out into our enclosed back garden. She spent ages sniffing everything, and crawling though the flower beds. She’ll only go out if one of us is there with her. She’s starting to try to get us to let her out the front lawn now, which I suspect is something to do with all the birds that use our crab apple tree. She likes to jump onto the window sill in our bedroom and watch out the front during the dawn chorus. But I don’t think she, or the birds, are quite ready for that yet.

The only problems we are having with her are that she hates being brushed, and as a result, she’s having problems with hairballs and not keeping her food down. If I try to groom her I get a slap, or a little nip. She’s a very fussy eater and hasn’t shown any interest in the anti hairball food we bought. I’m hoping that in time, she’ll just give in once she realises that we are not going to give up on brushing her. It’s like living with a stroppy teenager when she doesn’t get her way, which results in the other problem; that when she doesn’t get her way, she’ll scratch the sofa (which is old) and once tried to scratch the woodwork. She won’t use the scratch post but I think it’s because it’s not tall enough, so I’ve ordered a new one.

It’s amazing how much she’s changed in just three weeks. She’s so much more confident, and has a mischievous sense of fun. She’s more of a home girl at the moment, and likes to curl up on my lap. Tim works long hours and as a result, when he comes home she totally ignores me in favour of him. I find it highly amusing when he’s trying to play X-Box with a cat in his lap. She’s fitted in really well, she’s a little character, and I’m looking forward to seeing her coming out of her shell more and more."