Jazz was adopted aged 5 months old by Natasha and family on Sunday morning 03/02/14 and by the evening showed herself to be happy little kitten and very much at home, and of course much loved by everyone. Natasha's 'diary' of the family's first few days with their new arrival shows such a positive picture for children and cats together.  

“On Sunday Jazz strolled straight around the house and then found a chair to hide behind, she was in and out every few minutes or so but very quickly found she liked climbing the back of the sofa and popping up! She waited few steps up until I said she could go look upstairs and came down a bit dusty so must of had a very good look. She seems to love the whiskas kitten biscuits James had already put out and was eating within two hours of being here - we were very surprised. My mum popped in to see Jazz and pointed out she was always looking for me. She ate a very small amount of her wet food too. She also used her litter tray so we were taking this all as super positive. The kids managed to stay calm, gentle and not bicker over her so they played in the evening for an hour or so with her then she settled curled into me when we watched tv. She purrs really loudly whenever James strokes her and seems very interested in him whenever he sits down, but he loves it. Jazz chose to stay downstairs when we went to bed.

On Monday we found Jazz does come to us when we call her name which is lovely especially if we don't see where she is when we get in. The children are listening when we ask them to back off a little and have realised if they just sit on the floor and call her gently they can stroke her properly. She jumps in the cupboard where her food is when we open it but came out when I said 'no jazz come out from there' which was very funny! She settled with us in the evening after playtime with James and went to sleep snuggled up to me. Jazz decided to come upstairs with us when we went to bed then spent ages chasing herself in our mirrored wardrobes, over our bed, our heads, across the bedside tables, round and round. We think she slept downstairs again as she went out of our room when we pretended to ignore her so we could sleep.

On Tuesday morning Hannah had a great time playing with Jazz before school so after school we diverted Hannah for a while so Mikey could spend some proper time with her. We have noticed Jazz is very careful even when very excited not to scratch and I saw her claws quickly going back in when the toy was close to their body's until they move it away again. She was back in the cupboard again I think it's a new game. She had a few dreamies yesterday and today so I cheated and put a few right at the back of her carrier to get her in ready for the vets. I put her in the carrier 15 minutes early as wasn't sure if I would be able to but she got upset waiting to go and was trying to get out so I let her out and put her in just before using the dreamies and picking her up. She was clearly surprised by the sound of the road outside the Gosport vet. The nurse there was one who saw her at Stubbington and Jazz was very good she even jumped on the scales so got weighed too.

She listens carefully to every noise but isn't jumping or running very much since Sunday if she can see me she comes near me instead. She likes standing on Hannah's step with her paws on the edge of the kitchen side (she's very long) or because I sit at the table a lot she has been sitting opposite on the chair with paws on the table watching.

We guess she's settled well and seems happy - we are certainly happy she's here!


A month on, in March 2014, and Jazz goes from strength to strength and certainly seems to have a bond with young Hannah. "I would like to say how lovely its been having Jazz here. I'd heard cats can be very calming and I have found this to be very true. We have realised Jazz sleeps on the spare mattress we have made up under Hannah's bed and if Hannah stirs, Jazz gets up and checks on her then curls up at her feet for a little while until she settles again. She  eats really well and has been going out in the garden for a while now. Another cat has started coming over to our garden and Jazz always paces so it can't get to the door. Monday  night they were stood looking at each other for ages. The other cat is much bigger and when it sat down Jazz slowly did too. After a little while she got a bit closer and gently put her paw out then trid to get a bit closer and rub her face on the other cat but the other cat hissed and Jazz ran back into the doorway. She was very brave we were very surprised!"