Jazz & Ollie

Brother and sister Ollie & Jazz came 
into CP care in January 2014 as young 
kittens and (along with sister Clementine) were the first residents for new fosterers Paula & Ian in their bespoke pen which they designed and built. Ollie & Jazz came from a multi cat household where there were just too many cats for the owner to cope with. They were in CP care long enough to be neutered, microchipped and vaccinated before joining Bev and her family.  

Just a short time later Bev told us how they were getting on. "Jazz and Ollie are really settling in  and as Sarah my daughter would say 'Loving life right now'  they get very playful at night and I am off today to try to keep them  more amused in the day time. 
Their Cat activity play station has arrived and I have put this together but they're having their nap with Old Gramps cat Smudge in the sunny bedroom.  I am so pleased he is accepting them into our home so easily. 
They like to cuddle up with Sarah at night now and they are getting braver day by day and Ollie is the nervous one  while Jazz went straight up to my Smudge to rub noses on day 3 which was good going while Ollie still gives him a wide berth."  
Jazz is pictured taking a peek at the great outdoors