Tabby boy Joey was one of four cats who were signed into the care of Gosport Cats Protection in January 2018 due to a change in the owner’s circumstances. As none of the cats shared a bond they were up for adoption separately. At 15 years old Joey looked and acted like a much younger cat though he needed treatment for a flea allergy and two dental operations due to the extent of the damage and decay.
An all round adorable cat Joey was adopted by Debbi in March and after the first night in his new home Debbi said “So far, we've had LOTS of cuddles (I've never met a cuddlier cat), he comes when he's called (also a novelty) and he's inveigled his way into my bedroom and into my heart. He has clearly been dearly loved in the past. He has also seen one of my cats at a distance, and seemed keen to meet her (she was a little more wary - so I'll give them more time), and he's heard the other howling outside my bedroom door. He seems unperturbed by them, though - interested, I'd say.” Definitely a good start.
There was more good news over Easter about Joey, who we think has a Dali’esque curled whisker. Debbi said “Just to let you know that Joey is now a fully fledged member of the household! He's met everyone without WWIII breaking out (a few hisses, one 'raise the paw', but otherwise lots of nose-sniffing and careful, polite manoeuvres around each other). He loves his cuddles and has declared himself a big fan of Sainsbury's square fish. Doesn't get the 'artist' thing, but is happy enough to settle down on a box of my scratchboards, surrounded by an art book or two (see photo for details). Currently sat at my feet, hoping I'm going to play 'mouse' with him soon...” It's wonderful to see our golden oldie Joey cosy in his new home. 



A lovely update from Debbi in October 2018 "I fell in love with Joey's photo on the internet and, when we met, HE fell in love with the fact that he could clearly see 'Pushover' written all over me. It was, of course, love at first sight, if for slightly different reasons... 
I can't believe that anyone would not leap at the chance to adopt an older cat. This particular 15 year-old senior kitizen has clearly had a lifetime of cuddles behind him, and all he wants now is more of the same... That, and a selection of his favourite delicacies!"

joeytabby joeytabbyboy