Beautiful Kitty was adopted in November 2019 by Anna and Michael after coming into care the previous month due to accommodation issues. 


Initially Kitty struggled in CP care but with care and patience from her fosterer, Heather, she became more comfortable and showed a softer side. Anna updated us on 05/12/19 saying "Kitty is very happy in our house and she started go out on Saturday. Every day I let her go out for a bit but yesterday she disapeared for almost 2hrs  I was so scared but finally she was sitting on the shed and she came back home 😊 she trusts us much more than before. She always sleep next to me when I watch tv 😁"

click the link to see some lovely video of Kitty

31/3/20: We have had an update from Anna: "Kitty is very settled now. She loves eating food and she's gained weight as you can see in the pictures (below). She sleeps on me every day and wakes me up to get some food. Kitty also goes outside all the time but she doesn't want to leave the garden. She is a little bit scared when outside but I am happy because I always know where she is."