Loki and Minerva

Happy 4th birthday (on 17th May 2020) to Loki and Minerva, adopted from Gosport CP by our volunteer Heather.

These two beauties were born to a very heavily pregnant young stray that was brought into care in the nick of time. Their adoption was Heather's first contact with Gosport CP and 4 years on Heather is one of our fosterers - you never know where life will lead!

Minerva (or Minnie informally) is a fluffy mackeral tabby with an impressive mane. She is very much a lap cat or, when laps are unavailable, likes to settle on the back of the sofa as close to Heather as she can get. Her brother Loki prefers a more active life and can often be seen patrolling his neighbourhood. Big boy that he is, Loki still likes to start some rough and tumble with his sister, just as he did as a kitten. Thankfully Minnie knows how to stand up to him!

Loki and Minerva are perfectly happy with Heather fostering - in fact they always seem a little put out when her foster pen is empty! Watching how her fosters react to Loki and Minnie also gives Heather helpful clues as to how a foster cat will react to other cats.

We wish this lovable duo many happy returns!