Lottie & Ffion

Lottie & Ffion were two of the litter of four kittens born in CP care on 17/05/16 to a heavily pregnant stray and they were adopted on 22/07/16 aged 9 weeks old, by Heather and her husband.
The little kits weren't keen on the car ride home but had a good explore when they got there and though there are lots of cat beds Lottie & Ffion settled down in a pair of slippers! 

A few days at home and Lottie mastered climbing up the curtains. Heather said there was a bit of a panic when she thought she'd lost Ffion from a room with the doors and windows closed (and Ffion was being watched) but she was eventually found in a drawer! Ffion had managed to get under the television cabinet and climb into the drawer through a gap at the back. The drawer has become the kittens favourite bed.

By 14/08/16 Lottie & Ffion have had their second vaccinations at the vets and grown a lot though can still fit in their favourite drawer to sleep. There's a blanket on the sofa to protect it from scratches but it's had the opposite effect as Heather says that Lottie & Ffion love playing with one under the the blanket and the other on the outside patting each other!     

Early September and it's been holiday time with Lottie & Ffion going to a cattery and being noticeably bigger when they were collected to go home - clearly the cattery experience agreed with them. Ffion can still just about get into her favourite drawer to sleep, but probably not for much longer. They are much loved and Heather says when they're awake the kittens are tearing around and when they're not hectic they're asleep which can be the best time to take their pictures! Lottie particularly is a crazy!" 

It's now October and Lottie & Ffion have been spayed and as you can see are cosy kits even with buster collars on. Heather says they've recovered well from their ops and have started going out under supervision and they love it! Lottie & Ffion have done a lot of running around chasing each other, leaves and insects but they were far too quick for Heather who wasn't able to get a photo of them in the garden. However Lottie & Ffion look gorgeous and mischievous indoors!


Lottie & Ffion stayed still long enough for photo's in the garden in November. They've had a great time climbing trees and that's Ffion paddling in the bird bath which she seemed to enjoy!