Lucky (was Charlie)


A slightly unusual success story which began a couple of years ago, when we were made aware of a stray, an unneutered tom who had been seen around the Priddy's Hard area for several years. He was aggressive towards other cats and untrusting of humans, except for his finder, Trevor, who built up a rapport with him. Attempts to find an owner were unsuccessful, so Charlie, as we called him, was brought into our care. It quickly became apparent that Charlie was very unhappy in the pen so, after discussions with Trevor, it was decided to neuter Charlie and return him to the area where he felt at home. We undertook to supply Trevor with food for Charlie, and to provide any other necessary care. Trevor rechristened him Lucky.

Two years on, Lucky is a changed boy! As you can see he is in beautiful condition and still has a special rapport with Trevor, who he now lives with. He's shy around strangers, but will accept being stroked if you are a little patient.

It's great to see him looking so good and doing so well. We'd like to say a big thank you to Trevor for opening his home and his heart to Lucky.

6/4/20: We've had an update from Trevor: "It's been over 3 years since I have been looking after Lucky. Here are some photos during that time. He's loving the good weather and goes out a lot but picks up ticks as a result!"