30/08/19: It's lovely seeing how well our kitties are settling in their new home. Pauline has sent us this lovely update on Luna (who was Crystal when she came into CP care at 14 weeks of age). 

Hi just wanted to share some photos of Luna aka Chrystal our adopted kitty who we’ve now had for 3 weeks. She has settled in beautifully and is an absolute joy. She now has a ‘baby brother’! 10 week old Milo and they love each other and are very sweet together. X


23/4/20: We have received an update on Luna: "Here are some new photos. She has settled in really well and is an absolute delight! She loves her 'brother' Milo. Luna was 1 year old at the weekend. Thank you to Cats Protection for doing a fab job and finding our girl for us.xx"