Marble (formerly Wispa) was one of the 'Selection Box' kittens in care before Christmas 2017 and adopted by Zoe in January 2018.

In May 2018 Zoe said "Marble has been hilarious recently so I thought you might like a few photos to make you smile. 

She loves our other cat Mitten and they get on really well. They spend hours chasing each other and playing - with a 5 year age gap I was worried that they would be ok, but I found them asleep together the other day so I was thrilled! 

Marble has started behaving like a dog. She removes dressing gown cords when they are hung up, carries the cord in her mouth down the stairs and then hides everything she has acquired under a dining room chair :-) One chair currently has 2 cords, 2 mice, 3 balls and a string of catnip fish under it! 

I had a lovely visit from Bev at the end of March - we’ve had such a brilliant experience with Cats Protection Gosport." 

It's great to hear that Marble has settled so well and enjoying life and good to hear too that Zoe found the CP journey so positive.