For a long time Millie had been living outdoors with a dog kennel for shelter and a kind lady feeding and keeping an eye on her. Millie came into CP care on 02/04/16 and was very wary of people though accepting of human company.

Very happily Millie was adopted in May by Di who says ‘This is Millie, my new 6 year old furbaby. Millie has been in her new forever home now for 8 weeks. Millie has gone from living outdoors with a dog kennel for shelter to having the run of a warm, secure loving home. Millie will now rub herself against me, purring contently, she rolls around on the floor and is the first thing that I see waiting for me when I come in the front door. Thank you so much for taking Millie in when she had nowhere else to go x'

Millie certainly looks relaxed and cosy in her home with Di, and rather fond of cat naps!