Adopted in June 2019, Mindy's new owner has sent us these lovely pictures, showing how well she is settling in her new home.

Maxine tells us Mindy’s loving life and her new cat tree and they are taking baby steps introducing her to Monty the dog. Mindy will be exploring the rest of the house in the next few days.

Mindy certainly looks content Maxine, thank you so much for adopting her.



04/08/19 : 
Home checker Rosie has completed a post-homing check for Mindy, who was adopted in June this year. Owner Maxine has sent us this lovely update with photos:

She has really settled well and slowly getting on with Monty, she’s started going out but doesn’t go far for long then comes back to sun herself in the garden, she’s very affectionate and loves her cuddles, she’s “daddy’s little girl”.

Click the link to see the pics of beautiful Mindy cosy at home -