Beautiful Misha was such a sad case having been found in a garden shed with her four tiny grey kittens in October 2014. The family came into CP care and Misha was a brilliant Mum to her babies despite suffering from a broken tooth and nasty gum infection. She was on antibiotics for some time until able to have dental surgery. A gentle natured cat, Misha went to her forever home in January with Karen And Darrin who clearly dote on her.

A lovely update from them in March 2015 "She has settled in well and really is a big softie (and daddy's girl) . She loves the stairs and at first the novelty involved running up and down them day and night.... She is rather fond of sleeping on our bed, and as she is quite long takes up a lot of room!!....Initially she wanted to play at 3am every morning which has took some stopping, but she sleeps through now!!! She is eating well, although likes the good stuff, currently on Royal Canin pouches and also the new Encore food which is 75% meat....strangely she is not keen on anything all fish but still likes her biscuits. All this premium grub has made her coat even shinier! 

We have got her a harness to get her used to the garden as she can still get a bit jumpy and runs off with sudden movements etc. We thought it may be helpful if she gets used to the outside before we let her go loose". This really is a lovely success for Misha, her new family and CP.