15 year old Mollie was in CP care from July 2019 for five weeks before she was adopted by Alison and Matthew. Settling well on her first night at home Mollie was paddying on the sofa. Alison sent us a lovely update: Just a few early pics to show Mollie settling in to her new home. Day two and she's already doing so well - coming to us for cuddles, playing with her feather stick and ball and loving the grooming stick! She is rarely still enough to get a pic that isn't blurred!

Here are a selection of photo's from those first two days at home. 

Thanks to Alison for letting us see Mollie in her new home. It's lovely to see her settling so quickly 😻


September 2019: Five weeks in her new home and Mollie's doing beautifully; she's doted on by Alison and Matthew and was signed off at the vet a few weeks ago for her dental work (all good) and has been eating really well and playing loads of games - she loves ping-pong balls! Mollie's going to stay indoors for a few more weeks as she's still very easily spooked by noises. 

February 2020: Here are some more photos of Mollie, showing how young she is now looking in the care of Alison and Matthew:-

Here's the link to more gorgeous photos of Mollie:

We really do appreciate all the updates and photos. Our thanks to Alison & Matthew.