Molly (was Lillibeth)

Molly was adopted just after Christmas 2019 and a short time in her new home it’s clear who’s in charge! Heather, who fostered Molly, received this delightful update from Molly (on 06/01/20). 

This is Molly speaking! I am having a really lovely time with Hilary and David. I have explored the whole house, found several good places to sleep and hide and am enjoying life to the full. I look longingly at the door to the garden and have been told that another 3 weeks and I can explore outside. The neighbours have been told I have arrived so that they can look out for me and they are very much looking forward to meeting me. I am afraid I take up a good deal of space on the bed at night but my best mates don't care and love me to bits!

Father Christmas left me lots of presents, but they take second place to food!!!

I am sending pictures of me - I feel I could be a model I am so beautiful (I know self praise is no recommendation but heyho!).

Thank you for taking me in and thank you for finding me a forever home.

With love

Molly xx